Jose Garcia

Director, Global Forestry Capital

Mr. Garcia’s has served as Carlisle Financial Group’s Chairman and CEO since 2002, when the company was founded. During his tenure, Mr. Garcia supervised the acquisition and implementation of a number of companies within financial markets. Carlisle’s two biggest investments were in emerging markets and longevity markets. In emerging markets, Mr. Garcia supervised the acquisition and operation of two emerging market specialty finance firms. Universal de Inversiones Especiales S.A. was acquired in 2003 for the purpose of investment in emerging market financial sectors, including but not limited to real estate, emerging market equities, commodities, private equity and banking obligations. Carlisle also acquired, Inversiones Medioambiente S.A. in 2004, for the sole purpose of designing, developing, financing and implementing sustainable investment programs. Mr. Garcia graduated with honors from Old Dominion University with degrees in Finance and Economics. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from George Mason University.

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